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Key Performance Indicators for 2019
(Unvalidated Performance Indicators for 2019 should become available over the next few weeks)


% achieving a strong pass in English and Mathematics
(national avg. is 43.0%)


Progress 8
(national avg. is -0.03)


Attainment 8
(national avg. is 46.5)


Boston Spa Academy, previously known as Boston Spa School, started working in partnership with The GORSE Academies Trust in 2017. This relationship was formalised in September 2018, following approval from the Secretary of State for the school’s conversion to academy status as part of The GORSE Academies Trust.

Since the partnership began, the academy has worked closely with Trust colleagues to develop and strengthen teaching and learning through the implementation of the Positive Discipline System, the Purple Zone, Iterative Assessments, Curriculum and Rubric Mapping and the use of Strategic Seating and Interaction Plans. Students at the academy are reaping the rewards of this highly strategic, personalised and challenging approach to teaching and learning, as evidenced through the trajectory of students’ progress; in 2019 students at Boston Spa Academy achieved, on average, half a grade higher in each of their GCSE subjects in comparison to other students of the same starting point nationally.  This is exceptional and places the academy amongst the top performing schools in the country.

2017 2018 2019
Progress 8 Score for the Boston Spa Academy -0.03 +0.22 +0.51

The high standards of teaching and impressive outcomes for all students will see the academy flourish over coming years; the academy will further strengthen the way in which it prepares its young people for the rigours of academic life across all key stages, including Post-16.

Percentage achieving Grade 5+ in English and Mathematics

Within the reformed assessment system, grade 5 in English and mathematics is considered to be a ‘strong pass’. As the graph below shows, in 2019 20.9% more students at Boston Spa Academy (63.9%) secured grades 5+ in English and mathematics when compared with students nationally (43.0%).

National (43.0%)
Leeds (41.2%)
Boston Spa Academy (63.9%)

When comparing the academy’s relative progress for mathematics across three years, there has been an incredible transformation in the success achieved by students between 2017 and 2019. The progress made by students in mathematics placed the academy within the bottom 60% of schools nationally in 2017, however, through the excellent rubric based iterative teaching and learning, the academy has been comfortably within the top 20% of schools nationally for the progress demonstrated by students within mathematics in both 2018 and 2019.

Progress in English has also been transformed through iterative teaching and learning and the resilience developed by students through the Purple Zone: in 2019 progress was significantly above national average and in the top 20% of schools nationally, improving from a position of significantly below national average in 2017.


Attainment 8 is the score students achieve when their GCSE results are combined. This value is compared to their KS2 “starting point” allowing us to measure progress across a student’s highest eight outcomes, known as Progress 8. Boston Spa Academy students performed noticeably better than those nationally in 2018, with an average Attainment 8 score of 50.3 compared to 46.5 nationally and 44.8 in Leeds. In 2019, the academy has continued to outperform schools nationally and in Leeds, with an average Attainment 8 score of 54.3 compared to 46.5 nationally and 44.8 in Leeds, placing the school amongst top 20% of schools nationally.

When comparing the performance of different prior attainment groups, the Attainment 8 score for mathematics, for our Middle Prior Attainers was in the highest 20% of all schools in 2019, as well as in 2018. For High Prior Attainers, the EBacc Attainment 8 was in the highest 20% of all schools in 2019.

The subjects of the EBacc form a strong academic foundation for the KS4 curriculum. Students at the Boston Spa Academy achieved outcomes recognised as significantly above national average in both languages and humanities. Outside of the EBacc, attainment across media studies, statistics and applied information technology was in the highest 20% of schools nationally.


Progress 8 (P8) is a measure of how much better our students have done at GCSE in comparison to students nationally with the same KS2 prior attainment. This makes it a fair measure of progress.

Progress within the English, mathematics and the open element are identified to be significantly above national average and in the highest 20% of schools in 2019. We have achieved this through our meticulously planned sequences of learning, which seek to challenge, inspire, consolidate and deepen student knowledge and understanding. Complimented by our forensic approach to assessment, which is regular, iterative, diagnostic and a tool for shaping future teaching and learning, young people at the Boston Spa Academy continue to make high rates of progress across all subjects.

Element Boston Spa Academy National Comparison
English +0.41 -0.04
Mathematics +0.98 -0.02
Ebacc +0.33 -0.03
Open +0.45 -0.04

Within The GORSE Academies Trust we place an emphasis on ensuring all of our students secure strong outcomes to equip them for Post-16 and beyond. A key area of focus for us at Boston Spa for 2019-20 is, therefore, the progress of our disadvantaged students as we seek to support them in ensuring they maximise their progress in their full suite of GCSEs.

EBacc Average Point Score

The EBacc average point score (EBacc APS) was introduced into secondary school performance tables in 2018. It measures pupils’ point scores across the five pillars of the EBacc – with a zero for any missing pillars. This ensures the attainment of all pupils is recognised, not just those at particular grade boundaries, encouraging schools to enter pupils of all abilities, and support them to achieve their full potential.

In 2019, students at Boston Spa Academy achieved an average points score (APS) of 4.34 in respect of the EBacc, surpassing the Leeds and National averages as shown in the graph below.

National (4.06)
Leeds (3.89)
Boston Spa Academy (4.34)

Further information can be found on the Department for Education Compare Schools website.

Boston Spa Academy Sixth Form

Key Performance Indicators for 2018
(Unvalidated Performance Indicators for 2019 should become available over the next few weeks)


Progress compared to other schools


Progress of disadvantaged students compared to other schools


KS5 Average Grade
(national avg. is C+ (A Level))


Progress made in English
(national avg. is -0.10)


Progress made in Maths
(national avg. is -0.13)


We were immensely proud of the progress our students made in 2017 both academically and in terms of destinations. Our Level 3 Value Added score of 0.21 and Alps score of 1.01 put us in the top 15% of sixth form providers nationally. In addition, over half of our UCAS applicants achieved places at Russell Group universities and four students achieved places at Oxford and Cambridge. We were further delighted that our 2018 results saw us achieve a Level 3 Value Added score of 0.27 and move into the top 10% of sixth form providers nationally. In addition, 43% of our university applicants achieved places at Russell Group universities, including one student to read History at Oxford. We have consolidated our place as one of the leading sixth form providers in the region and look forward to further success in 2019.

Three Year Progress

2016 2017 2018
Progress -0.05 0.21 0.27
Alps score 5 3 2

Grade Summary

2016 2017 2018 National
A* 10% 11.4% 8%
A*-A 25% 32% 26%
A*-C 83% 85% 77%
A*-E 98% 99% 97%

At Boston Spa Academy we are committed to holding students accountable to the highest academic expectations and in turn deliver high quality teaching and support in order to ensure all our students achieve and exceed their potential.  We are excited about our partnership with Elliott Hudson College, opening as Elliott Hudson College at Boston Spa in September 2019. We look forward to the opportunities this will bring our students as we continue our journey in consolidating our place as a leading academic sixth form provider locally and nationally.

Some students achieved some truly phenomenal results and have secured some fantastic destinations:

43% of university applicants achieved a place at a Russell Group university, including one student to Oxford University.

Student Final A Level Grades Grades University Choice
Ewan Connel History A*A*A* Somerville College, University of Oxford
Katie Midgley Computer Science A*A*A* University of Birmingham
Freddy Howden Maths A*A*A King’s College London
Chris Oakes Maths A*A*A Durham University
Hannah Sharpe Medicine AAA University of Nottingham
Anna Williams Zoology AAA University of Sheffield
Euan Dunlop Veterinary Medicine AAA University of Nottingham
Ben Boulton Motorsport Engineering AAA Coventry University
Toby Hirst Politics A*AA Durham University
Daniel Jennings Chemical Engineering A*AB University of Bath
Tom Blakey Business with Intl. Management A*BB University of Northampton
Gabriella Reid History AAB University of Nottingham
Megan Law Anthropology AAC, A* in EPQ University of Durham
Erin Lees Chemical Engineering AAB University of Sheffield
Beth Adamson Law with French AAB University of Birmingham
Freya Hopkins Political Science ABB Birmingham
Abbey Iveson Politics ABB University of Glasgow
Sena Aydin Politics ABB University of Sheffield
Sam Allanach History ABB University of Sheffield

Further information can be found on the Department for Education Compare Schools website.