Key Performance Indicators for 2019
(Validated performance indicators for 2019 should be released over the next few months)


% achieving a strong pass in English and Mathematics
(national avg. is 43.0%)


Progress 8
(national avg. is -0.03)


Attainment 8
(national avg. is 46.5)


Bruntcliffe Academy became a part of The GORSE Academies Trust in 2015. In the four years since this partnership began, the academy has undergone a remarkable transformation. During a period of great evolution in education, with the introduction of new progress and attainment measures, the academy has adapted to this new landscape with enthusiasm and success. More importantly, the students who are with us on this journey have begun to reap the rewards of high expectations and high-quality teaching. In 2018, the academy was inspected by OFSTED who described teaching, learning and assessment to be outstanding in all areas. As a result of this high-quality provision, students at the Bruntcliffe Academy secure strong outcomes and fully supported with transitioning into adult life.


Progress 8 (P8) is a measure of how our students have performed at GCSE in comparison to students nationally with the same KS2 starting points This makes it a fair measure of progress. In 2015, Bruntcliffe Academy took part in the national Progress 8 trial, and comparing the 2015 results to 2019 we can see the enormous shift in progress that has taken place as a result of the strengthening of leadership, teaching, learning and assessment in the school.

In 2017, Bruntcliffe Academy achieved a P8 score of +0.05, which, was in line with the national average. In 2018, the progress 8 score was +0.25, above national average, followed by a progress score of +0.29 in 2019, again above national average. What we have seen in the space of 4 years is a shift in progress for our students equivalent to over half a grade in each GCSE.  Furthermore, progress in the open element was significantly above the national average and in the highest 20% of all schools in 2019 as well as in 2018 and 2017.  This is a powerful indication of the manner in which our students have embraced change and are now working in partnership with our talented staff body. It also shows how the success students experience at the academy, is a result of a culture of high expectations, challenge and appropriate support, in every aspect of their educational experience.

Element The Bruntcliffe Academy National Comparison
English +0.12 -0.04
Mathematics +0.12 -0.02
Ebacc +0.14 -0.03
Open +0.67 -0.04

The cohort of 2019 on entry were identified as well below national average for their KS2 Average Point Score, with 19% of the cohort identified as having Lower Prior Attainment and 59% as Middle Prior Attainment. Through our high expectations, high aspiration and a personalised approach to teaching, these students have made tremendous gains in learning. This is evidenced by their excellent progress 8 scores of +0.40 for the Lower Prior Attainment (national progress was -0.22) and +0.39 for the Middle Prior Attainment Learners (national progress was -0.02) in 2019.

The subjects of the EBacc form a strong academic foundation for the KS4 curriculum and encompass the study of languages. In 2019, students at the Bruntcliffe Academy studied either Spanish or French as part of their GCSE curriculum. Their results from these examinations were significantly above national average and in the highest 20% of schools nationally.

Attainment 8

Attainment 8 (A8) is the score students achieve when their GCSE results are combined. This value is compared to their KS2 “starting point”, allowing us to measure their progress during the 11-16 phase of their education. In 2019 the average A8 score for students at Bruntcliffe Academy was 43.4 (+0.4 from 2017), in Leeds it was 44.8 (-0.3 from 2017), and nationally it was 46.5 (+0.2 from 2017).

For the Middle and Lower Prior Attainers, the open element of Attainment 8 was in the highest 20% of all schools in 2019, as well as 2018 and 2017.

This indicates that the provision at Bruntcliffe Academy is of exceptional quality allowing students with much lower prior attainment to ‘hold their own’ against the national and local averages. In other words, the academy is adding value to their education in noticeable and measurable ways.

Further information can be found on the Department for Education Compare Schools website.