% achieving a strong pass in English and Mathematics
(national avg. is 43.3%)


Progress 8
(national avg. is -0.02)


Attainment 8
(national avg. is 46.5)


The Morley Academy in 2018 has continued its tradition for outstanding teaching and learning leading to outstanding outcomes. GCSE results were amongst the best in the Leeds authority and in the country and show performances well above the national average. Our young people have flourished at all prior attainment levels and we are exceptionally proud of their achievements. Of note is the success of our students with a traditional academic curriculum.

% Achieving Strong Pass (Grade 5 and above) in English and Mathematics

The Morley Academy has had a well-developed reputation for academic excellence for more than 10 years, and has undergone a profound transformation, to become one of the top performing schools consistently in Leeds and nationally. It is clear to see how impressively Year 11 students at The Morley Academy have performed in comparison to their peers nationally and locally.


National (43.3%)
Leeds (40.9%)
The Morley Academy (53%)


Attainment 8 (A8) is the score students achieve when their GCSE results are combined. This value is compared to their KS2 “starting point”, allowing us to measure their progress with us. In 2016, students at The Morley Academy on average achieved an A8 score of 53.7 points, compared to 47.0 in Leeds, and 47.2 nationally. The points scores in 2017 were changed to adapt to the new grading system introduced with English and Mathematics, and although it is not possible to directly compare 2016 results with 2017, one can see that in terms of Attainment 8 The Morley Academy performed exceptionally strongly: 52.9 in 2017 compared to 44.2 nationally. This trend of high achievement continued in to 2018 with the academy securing an Attainment 8 score of 53.6 in comparison to 44.3 nationally.


Progress 8 (P8) is a measure of how much better our students have performed at GCSE in comparison to students nationally with the same KS2 scores. This makes it a fair measure of progress. In this third year of the Progress 8 measure, The Morley Academy is once again ranked significantly above average (this includes about 17% of schools in England). In 2018, the academy achieved a Progress 8 score of +0.53, making it one of the top performing schools in Leeds, and a significant increase on +0.41 in 2016.

The following table shows how well we have worked with some specific cohorts of students:

Cohort Low Prior Attainment Middle Prior Attainment High Prior Attainment Pupil Premium
Progress 8 +0.61 +0.57 +0.48 +0.36

These results show just how much our students have achieved in 2018, with all cohorts performing well above the national average. We are very proud of all our students with all prior attainment groups achieving GCSE results half a grade above the national average and Pupil Premium students outperforming non Pupil Premium students nationally. There is strength and depth in student learning and this could not have been achieved without a relentless focus on supporting our pupil premium students. They have gained GCSE results around 1/3 of a grade above national average and this indicates just how committed we are to “closing the gap” for our disadvantaged students.

% achieving the English Baccalaureate

At The GORSE Academies Trust we are committed to ensuring all our students can access a curriculum that is traditional in its high academic standards, including a good spread of GCSE options, including Modern Foreign Languages, whilst also catering to a vocational element.

It can be seen that our students perform significantly better than other students in these important subjects. This is crucial for the continued success of our students in further study and in the workplace.

Element The Morley Academy Difference from National
English 0.27 +0.31
Mathematics 0.43 +0.39
Ebacc 0.71 +0.79
Open 0.60 +0.59

The EBacc (English Baccalaureate) is a measure providing information about specific subject performance that includes the sciences, modern foreign languages and the humanities. At The Morley Academy we aim to encourage as many of our students as possible to study a modern foreign language. We believe that this is inherently valuable for them in developing certain skills, but may also provide an entry into varied careers involving working and communicating with people from foreign countries. In an increasingly interconnected world, this is a highly valuable skill-set to obtain. For 2018 our results are a mark of our continued success.

The Morley Academy Leeds Average National Average
% of students entered for the Ebacc 44% 37.3% 38.4%
EBacc Point Score 4.8 3.86 4.04

Further information can be found on the Department for Education Compare Schools website.