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The Ruth Gorse Academy is an integral part of The GORSE Academies Trust, and as such benefits from its strong relationships with all of its partner academies. The assessment policies used at TRGA are those used at our partner schools, and as such we are confident that we will reap the benefits of their experience in the area of student assessment and tracking.

The unique status of TRGA within the Trust, as a free-school established in 2014, means that assessment has had to be innovative. We are committed to developing bespoke assessment solutions to monitoring and assessing the progress made by our KS3 students. This makes us more than a passive partner in TGAT, and the experience and systems we have developed in the past two years have driven improvements and assessment evolution across the Trust. The nature of our partnership is genuine and sharing.

Student Position on Entry

Academy Y8 KS2 APS National KS2 APS Difference Y9 KS2 APS National KS2 APS Difference
TRGA 28.18 28.9 -0.72 27.76 28.8 -1.14
BA 27.0 28.9 -1.9 26.5 28.8 -2.30
TFA 27.9 28.9 -1.00 28.3 28.8 -0.50
TMA 28.52 28.9 -0.38 28.66 28.8 -0.14

All indicators suggest that on entry the TRGA cohorts start with us with attainment below the national average at the end of primary school.

We are proud of the record of The GORSE Academies Trust in its ability to take students from all academic backgrounds and to help them maximise their potential. Through our high expectations, high aspirations and a personalised approach to teaching and learning, students at The Ruth Gorse Academy are making exceptional progress from their starting points. Learners are routinely challenged and expected to demonstrate high levels of resilience.


The data presented below is from the Masters Exams that take place at the end of each Academic year. These assessments are aligned across the Trust allowing TRGA to make a direct comparison.

Despite the significantly lower than national and Trust starting points, students continue to make exceptional progress resulting in attainment levels that are in line or better than students attending outstanding secondary provisions at The GORSE Academies Trust.


Progress 8 is a measure of how much better our students have done at GCSE in comparison to students nationally with the same KS2 scores. The Ruth Gorse Academy will be entering the first cohort of students for GCSE examinations in the summer of 2019. Until then the academy will not have any external data however TRGA has used KS2 TL and the 2016 progress 8 and attainment 8 estimates published by The Department of Education to predict Progress 8 scores for every student at the academy. An average score for the entire cohort is then plotted against a progress flight path allowing the academy to track progress.

The progress 8 graphs below indicate that both year 8 and 9 cohort are on track to achieving a progress 8 score of above +0.5.

Current Year 9 Progress 8 Projections

Current Year 8 Progress 8 Projections

Further information can be found on the Department for Education Compare Schools website.