In 2017, The Ruth Gorse Academy celebrated an outstanding OFSTED inspection during which teaching, learning and assessment were identified as the ‘core businesses’ of the academy. The inspection team recognised that through highly personalised approach to planning, teachers expertly meet the needs of pupils; as a result, all groups of pupils make rapid progress from their different starting points. This was also a contributing factor in the academy securing World Class Schools’ status in December 2018.
The academy provides a climate in which young people from all backgrounds are challenged, supported and encouraged to achieve beyond their expectations. This includes achievement within their academic subjects and within other areas of interest including: rowing, performing arts, cooking and karate.

The current year 11 cohort (2018/19):

No. 89 56 33 40 49 30 17 38 23 14 13 17 13 22 13 7
% 62.90% 37.10% 44.90% 55.10% 33.70% 19.10% 42.70% 25.80% 15.70% 14.60% 19.10% 14.60% 24.70% 14.60% 7.90%

On entry, this year 11 cohort has a similar KS2 Reading and Mathematics Point Score and overall, their performance in the KS2 examinations was weaker in comparison to students nationally. Despite their lower point of entry, through our high expectations, high aspirations and a personalised approach to teaching and learning, students at The Ruth Gorse Academy are making exceptional progress from their starting points. Learners are routinely challenged and expected to demonstrate high levels of resilience.

Academy 2018-19 Cohort
KS2 Reading Point Score KS2 Mathematics Point Score KS2 Average Point Score Diff from National
BA 26.81 27.06 26.6 -2.30
BSA 28.00 26.00 29.00 0.10
TFA 27.91 28.55 28.3 -0.60
TMA 28.46 28.8 28.63 -0.27
TRGA 28.44 28.08 28.08 -0.82
National APS 28.90

Target Setting and Progress 8:

Target-setting is the starting point for our assessment protocols. We take KS2 data and use it to set challenging and aspirational targets for our students in all years. This system is used by all the academies in the Trust and has been refined over a decade of sustained improvement at our partner academies. This matches our ethos of excellence and striving for the very best from our students.

At the start of the academic year, students are set two targets. A minimum expected grade (MEG) and an achievable target grade (ATG). The minimum expected grade (MEG) is the minimum grade a student is expected to achieve by the end of this academic year. Whereas, the achievable target grade (ATG) is the aspirational target the student is set to motivate them to achieving beyond the minimum expectation. This is set for every student based on their KS2 scores alongside the national GCSE data set for 2018. These grades are reviewed at the start of each academic year based on the progress made in the previous year.

Progress 8 (P8) is a measure of how our students have performed at GCSE in comparison to students nationally with the same KS2 scores. This makes it a fair measure of progress. If all students achieve their minimum expected grade, the academy’s progress 8 score in 2019 is estimated to be +0.89, which places the school significantly above national average. The table below breaks down the P8 score the academy is expected to achieve upon all students in the current year 11 cohort securing their minimum expected grades in Summer 2019.

P8 Metadata TRGA Minimum Expected Grades National Summer 2018 Results
P8 Score 0.89 -0.02
English P8 Score 0.63 -0.04
Mathematics 0.85 -0.02
EBacc P8 Score 0.93 -0.03
Open P8 Score 1.04 -0.04

Attainment 8 is the score students achieve when their GCSE results are combined. This value is compared to their KS2 “starting point”, allowing us to measure their progress during the secondary phase. The attainment headlines below provide an indication of the high expectations we have of our students at The Ruth Gorse Academy.

Headline Measures TRGA Minimum Expected Grades National Summer 2018 Results
Average Attainment 8 Score 44.90 44.26
Grade 5+ Eng & Math 58.40% 39.9%
Average EBacc APS 4.66 3.83

The English Baccalaureate

At The GORSE Academies Trust we are committed to ensuring all our students can access a curriculum that is traditional in its high academic standards, including a good spread of GCSE options, including the Modern Foreign Languages, whilst also catering to a vocational element. 24% of the cohort at The Ruth Gorse Academy is expected to be entered for the EBacc in Summer 2019.

Percent of Pupils expected to be entered for the EBacc Examination in Summer 2019