Declarations of Interest

/Declarations of Interest
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Name Category End of Term of Office Committee Membership Voting Rights Business Interests Other establishments at which they govern Any relations within the Trust
Terry Elliott
TGAT  9/12/2018 N/A Yes Judith Mary Elliot is a Director at Craft Centre & Design Gallery TMA. BA, TRGA, EHC, MNA, RA, HA, LTSA Son (TGAT Admin and Legal)
Peter Gruen
Vice Chair
TGAT  17/09/2018 N/A Yes Business Interests with Leeds Playhouse (Enterprises) Ltd HA None
Tracy Latham TGAT  31/08/2020 N/A Yes None EHC None
Judith Shore Secretary  N/A N/A No None N/A None
Anne McAvan TGAT  31/12/2020 N/A Yes None None None
Richard West TGAT  20/05/2019 N/A Yes None None None
Chris Gorse TGAT  31/12/2020 N/A Yes None None None
Janice Boucher TGAT  31/12/2020 N/A Yes None None None
Sue Slee TGAT  17/09/2020 N/A Yes Trustee Director, ITV Pensions Scheme None None
Sir John Townsley Chief Executive Officer  9/12/2018 N/A Yes None TMA, TFA, TRGA, EHC, MNA, HA, RA, BA, LTSA Spouse (Principal of RA)
Neil Donkin Member  N/A N/A No Donkin Education N/A None

TGAT = The GORSE Academies Trust
BA = Bruntcliffe Academy
EHC = Elliott Hudson College
HA = Hillcrest Academy
LTSA = Leeds Teaching School Alliance
MNA = Morley Newlands Academy
RA = Ryecroft Academy
TFA = The Farnley Academy
TMA = The Morley Academy
TRGA = The Ruth Gorse Academy