Like all high performing organisations, The GORSE Academies Trust will never stand still and become complacent. At the same time, however, the board of The GORSE Academies Trust places great emphasis on the need for careful risk assessment and detailed analysis in our considerations of new initiatives.

South Bank Academy

Working with the full support of Leeds City Council and in partnership with the developer Citu the trust applied in the latest round of free school submissions to open a new two-form entry primary academy in September 2020 which will be immediately adjacent to The Ruth Gorse Academy in inner south Leeds. The developer has approval to build 530 new homes in that area and the academy will facilitate places for children from those homes and from the immediate surrounding areas.

South Bank Academy will be a brand new building, designed in Scandinavia in a manner which is befitting for a company who place great emphasis on the importance of environmental regeneration. The plans for that building will be shared with you soon.

South Bank Academy was given approval to enter the pre-opening stage of development on Wednesday 12 April 2017.

Kirkstall Forge Academy

The trust is also committed to apply for opening in September 2021 Kirkstall Forge Academy. This is a very exciting development for the trust and is linked to the work of the Commercial Estates Group in Kirkstall Forge. As a part of that residential and commercial development the developer will be building a two form entry primary school at its own cost. This will be run by The GORSE Academies Trust and it is our hope that at the end of their primary education students will make the seven minute railway journey from Kirkstall Forge to Leeds city centre in order to attend The Ruth Gorse Academy.