As a trust we are constantly seeking to be innovative and creative in the development of teaching and the curriculum. We know from talking to many partners just how high the level of interest is in the major initiatives in which we are involved.

Currently there are two major projects which are likely to be of interest to many colleagues across the education sector.


The trust is about to run a pilot of this software at The Ruth Gorse Academy commencing September 2016. We believe that this system will revolutionise the way in which professionals track and evaluate the impact of teaching on children’s progress. Operated directly by students themselves utilising iPad technology Trackle enables schools to move away from levels and grades to an analysis of the impact of teaching on skills, knowledge and understanding.

We will be launching Trackle nationally in May 2017. If you do want to find out more ahead of that launch then feel free to contact us directly.

The National Grid for Reading

The concept of developing reading clubs is not new and it is certainly true to say that as you read this today there will the thousands of people who are involved in a range of reading circles which bring a social and interactive element to the business of reading.

Our view is that for many families in the Leeds city region such activity is not a part of their experience and we think that this is a loss. We believe that the promotion of reading, a love of finding out new ideas and experiencing new worlds is central to the development of informed adults who establish a passion for lifelong learning. We also want our students to enjoy reading within a group dynamic which begins to challenge their understanding of how great writers write. We want them to become more critical, more informed and more confident and to be in a position in the future where they can participate in debate and discussion in an incisive and articulate manner.

We are immensely appreciative of the colleagues who joined us in each designing a Reading Circle which is truly captivating and compelling. It is our hope that whichever circle you find yourself living within for a year that that experience changes your perspectives, challenges your thinking and broadens your horizons.

In partnership with The National Literacy Trust and RM we will launched The National Grid for Reading in March 2017.