The Farnley Academy became a part of The GORSE Academies Trust in January 2012. This was the first sponsorship of any school by The Morley Academy and was the central reason for the establishment of The GORSE Academies Trust. Our first involvement with what was then Farnley Park High School came in the summer of 2009 as a result of the tragic and unexpected death of the Headteacher. Unfortunately the school was also in exceptionally difficult circumstances regarding the performance of students which placed it in 2009 and 2010 as amongst the very worst in the country at Key Stages 4 and 5.

in 2013 it was judged to be Outstanding and we are proud to have played such an important part in the transformationUnder the exceptional leadership of John Ziltener who was appointed as Principal from The Morley Academy, Farnley gradually began to win the confidence of its community. In 2010 the school was rightly judged by Ofsted to be Inadequate; in 2013 it was judged to be Outstanding and we are proud to have played such an important part in the transformation of a school which was failing its community to one of which its community can be rightly proud.

The Farnley Academy is a larger than average secondary academy which serves an area which is predominantly white British. With regard to indicators of deprivation the school is significantly higher than the national average.

The Farnley Academy continues to perform exceptionally well regarding examination outcomes with attainment and progress data which are in keeping with the very best schools in the country.

Under the most intensive national scrutiny The Farnley Academy was subject to an unannounced Ofsted inspection in October 2019. The inspection lasted 3 days. Though the obvious and many strengths of the school were identified within that report, The Farnley Academy was found to have worked less effectively with students most at risk of exclusion or in need of significant additional support. For this reason the school was judged to Require Improvement. Though we were obviously disappointed with this outcome, we recognise its validity and fully embrace the recommendations made by Ofsted in taking forward our plans for the future. We know that, under current arrangements, the school will be due to be reinspected before the completion of the 2021-2022 academic year. We are absolutely determined to ensure that The Farnley Academy is reconfirmed as an Outstanding school at that point and remain confident that under the exceptional leadership of Chris Stokes this will be achieved.

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Chapel Lane, Leeds, LS12 5EU
Principal: Mr C Stokes
Chair of Gov: Ms A McAvan
Opened: January 2012